ALL the Help You Need to Study in the United States

American Attorneys' team of accredited American Immigration Attorneys delivers a complete package of support for International Students who wish to study at U.S. Universities.

Why American Attorneys

Your education in the United States is too important to be left to chance. To get the best opportunities, you need the best preparation and assurance, which means you need professional coaching and legal assistance that our fully-qualified American Attorneys offer.

Professional Legal Support

The U.S. immigration process can be challenging and complex, so you need the most current advice. That is something that only fully licensed, professional U.S. attorneys can offer.

Everything Taken
Care of

Our comprehensive package is designed to deliver at every stage: from helping craft your immigration strategy all the way through to submitting the immigration forms.

Total Immigration Preparation

Don't leave anything to chance when it comes to getting into the United States university of your choice. We'll make sure you are fully coached to sail through your consular interview.

Meet Your Attorney Team

Using only fully qualified and accredited American Attorneys means you get complete peace of mind that you will receive the appropriate professional advice for your immigration case.

JON velie - Lead Attorney & CEO

Lead Attorney Jon graduated University of Oklahoma in 1993 and was also admitted to the bar by Oklahoma Supreme Court in 1993.

GARY ROYLE - Attorney

Gary graduated from Tulane Law School and was admitted to the Bar in Florida in 2001.

How Our Unique Service Works

Our professional legal team will handle everything and make sure you are 100% prepared for every step of the way.


1. Strategy Consultation

You will start with a one-to-one immigration strategy consultation with one of our legal team to check you meet all the requirements.


2. Submit Visa Application

Our legal team will prepare, review, and submit your non-immigrant visa application on your behalf.


3. Consulate Appointment

We will assist with booking your immigration interview at your nearest U.S. Consulate.


4. Interview Preparation

You will then get another one-to-one meeting with a U.S. Immigration Attorney who will make sure you are fully prepared for your consular interview.


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