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Whatever your needs, American Attorneys offer a range of packages to help you to get to your preferred U.S. university successfully.

All the Support You Could Need

If you are dreaming of getting an education in the United States, we can help you navigate a path to successfully study, live and work in the United States. The U.S. immigration process can be challenging and complex, so you need the most current advice. That is something that only licensed U.S. attorneys can offer. We provide the full range of services you could need, offered in a range of packages to suit everyone.

Career Guidance Counseling

Admissions and Career counselors will help analyze your strengths and requirements so we can help you identify the universities and courses that offer the best outcomes.

University Admissions Support

Different US universities have a range of approaches to the admissions process. We will ensure you get the support you need to understand and navigate admissions successfully.

form ds-160 preparation

Our US law firm with licensed immigration attorneys will review your documents to ensure you meet all requirements to complete your F-1 student visa application (DS-160) then help prepare it using the documents you upload to the OnlineVisas portal. Once complete, you can simply sign and submit your application.

consular processing Assistance

Our team will help you provide all the required documentation and track the status of your student visa application throughout the process.

Consulate Interview booking Support

You will get support to ensure you understand the process and what you need to do to set up your consulate interview.

Consulate Interview Preparation coaching

Licensed US immigration attorneys will coach you for your visa consulate interview, offering legal advice to prepare you fully for your in-person interview, knowing the questions you might expect and the correct responses to give.

Options to Suit Every Student

Basic Package

Our most affordable option for the most straightforward cases.

  • Form DS-160 Completion
  • Consular Processing Assistance
  • Consulate Interview Booking Support



Premium Package

Add coaching and preparation for the critical consulate interview.

Ultimate Package

When your future education means everything, our Ultimate Package is designed to minimize risks with our highest level of support.

  • Career Guidance Counseling
  • University Admissions Support
  • Form DS-160 Preparation
  • Consular Processing Assistance
  • Consulate Interview Booking Support
  • Consulate Interview Preparation Coaching


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